10 Pro audition tips for College students

Being a successful actor requires a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and several years of auditions and trials. These auditions can sometimes get scary and hinder you from giving your best shot at the audition. Here are ten tips that will help you succeed in an audition.

  1. Be confident- This is one of the most basic necessities to succeed as an actor. It may sound simple, but it does require a lot of physical and mental work to achieve. The more you practice, the more confident you become in an audition. When you are confident, people tend to perceive that you are worthy of the role.
  2. Be prepared- It is highly necessary that you are a hundred per cent prepared for this auditions, not in terms of preparing for the role alone, but also in terms how you present yourself, your profile and your resume too. Make sure to carry a picture of yourself along with your resume.
  3. Character- Before going for an audition, make sure you know the role you are trying out for well enough. Read the script thoroughly, learn your dialogues, get into the groove of the character and live your role. It is easier to study a character if you notice the way he/she speaks about himself/ herself, the screenwriter’s description of the character and what other characters think of your character in the script given.
  4. Make every second count- The first 20-30 seconds of your auditions are the most crucial and as it is said, first impressions are the best impressions. So, when you are auditioning, make sure to impress the casting director in the first 20-30 seconds of your auditions as that will leave a mark.singing
  5. Give hundred per cent- When you are attending an audition make sure to give your hundred per cent and don’t make excuses no matter how small or big your role is. As an aspiring actor, one should always remember that no role is less important than the other.
  6. Read between the lines- When you are reading dialogues or lines for your character, read between the lines and build the appropriate emotion that is required for that particular scene to leave an impact.
  7. Keep things simple- Do not use too many props or activities when you are auditioning unless the character requires you to do so. Keeps things simple but eye-catching
  8. Be comfortable- Before going to an audition, do not forget to get comfortable to the role your trying out for and try and get used to the environment where the audition is held, as comfort enhances the performance of an actor and makes it more natural.
  9. Do not seem lost or confused- When you are given direction at the audition, be quick and adapt to the direction. Being unsure or confused will only make you look like a weak actor.
  10. Be graceful- Be graceful in your acting and remember that stillness is a very powerful tool to express your emotions.