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Welcome to the site of Boscoville 2000!

Organization in innovation and development of practices related to social adaptation, rehabilitation and youth mobilization.

Our missions

The mission of Boscoville 2000 is to support, in an innovative and rigorous way, the development and social participation of young people.

Training and consultation

The trainers of Boscoville 2000 developed the expertise to adapt the models developed for rehabilitation to different contexts of intervention.


Discover the project to meet the needs of expression and communication of young people through stimulating activities related to the world of radio.

Research and development

All the projects at Boscoville 2000 include a research and development component and an evaluation process according to the sectors of activity.

Direction Intervention

Develop and qualify the rehabilitation and reintegration intervention to make it optimal.

Mobilization Direction

Support the different communities and youth organizations that are committed to a common vision to foster positive youth development.


Boscoville 2000 offers training to all networks or any environment working with youth. The trainers developed the expertise to adapt the models developed for rehabilitation to different contexts of intervention.

Consulting service

Boscoville 2000 offers its expertise and consulting services to develop, revise or enhance any rehabilitation service offer in the community in the light of state-of-the-art services and proven practices.

Development Agent

Boscoville 2000 is looking for a full-time development officer (35 hours a week).

  • Adaptability linked to the innovation context.
  • Ability to collaborate in a partnership context.
  • Ability to develop and deliver training.
  • Knowledge of the technical aspects of the radio environment.
  • Knowledge of working with youth and their parents
  • Excellent analytical ability.
  • Leadership and mobilization capacity.

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Our Team

Boscoville , a non-profit organization, is made up of a professional and qualified team working in co-development with its partners.

The team consists of development agents, qualified psychoeducators and trainers who are committed to working for the optimal development of young people.

1499 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9R 3A8.

Please call 250-668-5218 or email info@boscoville2000.ca to book a appointment.

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